Come, for all is now ready - Washington Post by Eivind H. Natvig

The Washington Post presented a small selection from "Come, for now all things are ready" this week (link).  
Kenneth Dickerman write about the work: "Through his interactions, Eivind has given us insights into a coastal way of life in Norway that isn’t often seen and is disappearing. Although Eivind likes to say that he is just focusing on ordinary life and that “the normal is more than enough for me,” the end result is anything but ordinary."
For the rest of Kenneths text and more images, go to the Washington Post

European Photo Exhibition Award by Eivind H. Natvig

Photo: Paolo Marchetti - Marketplace Media Services

Photo: Paolo Marchetti - Marketplace Media Services

For the past six months I have worked with a commission from the European Photo Exhibition Award. A platform of meetings and workshops with an immensly diverse and talented group of european visual artists which will result in a touring group exhibition under the title "Shifting Boundaries". I have used this fortunate opportunity to produce a body of work about migration.

The exhibitions will take place:

May 20th – August 28th 2016:
Paris, Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian – Délégation en France

October 15th – December 15th 2016:
Lucca, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Exhibition Center), Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

March 3rd – May 1st 2017:
Hamburg, Haus der Photographie der Deichtorhallen

September 21st – October 29th 2017:
Oslo, Nobel Peace Center

You can read more about EPEA through the WEBSITE or through the Fritt Ord Foundation 

You Are Here Now - Exhibition by Eivind H. Natvig

In collaboration with my wonderful publisher Tartaruga we are currently preparing a show in London. The You Are Here Now - journey begun in 2008 and I'm excited to reach a new audience with the work, and present a limited set of screen prints.

Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now, was published by Tartaruga in 2014. The book and a limited set of two-colour screen prints will be on sale throughout the duration of the exhibition. The exhibition has been made possible with support from Fritt Ord and the Norwegian Embassy in London.

The exhibition will be open each day at Fish Bar from 11am to 6pm with the private view on the evening of the 19th, 6.30 - 9.30pm.


Summer Print Run by Eivind H. Natvig

 �Eivind H. Natvig/INSTITUTE

I have been on the road more or less constantly for about a year now, and have had limited opportunity to produce works. There are some orders on the books and I will produce and deliver the works later this fall. Get in touch if you are interested in procuring something, and if you are located in the south of Norway I will most probably come to your door myself.

You Are Here Now reviewed by by Eivind H. Natvig

The photographs are very cinematic, and many could be stills from a motion picture. There is a close relationship between the photographic and cinematic medium, and in some projects this ratio is more pronounced. There are some echoes of David Lynch found in Natvigs photographs. It's the surreal feel, the feeling of something not quite right, even if the subject and the scene is well known and frequently mundane. Natvig conveys a magical reality.

The full review by Cecilie Tyri Holt can be found in norwegian HERE

The book can be ordered directly from the publisher HERE or at Tronsmo in Oslo.

17. Mai Bergen - New book by Moment Agency by Eivind H. Natvig


Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution - Book number two from Moment Agency

In 2014 the Norwegian Constitution turned 200 years. It is the oldest European constitution still in use, and the second oldest in the world. The progressive, liberal document that was signed in 1814 is celebrated vigorously all over the country on May 17 every year. This is the day when the Norwegians seem to forget their rather introvert selves for a while as they put on their finest clothing and hit the streets waiving Norwegian flags singing and shouting “Hipp, hipp, hooray!”.

One place known for celebrating this day more intensely than anywhere else is the city of Bergen. The rainiest city in the country is also the proudest and loudest, all year round.

In the heart of Bergen Moment photographers put up a tent inviting random bypassers from the crowd to have their National Day portrait taken. What do Norwegians look like on this day? What can nationalism look like?

History:   The Constitution declared Norway´s independence, ending 400 years of Danish rule. However, signing the Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814 did not save Norway from being ceded to Sweden after Denmark–Norway´s defeat in the Napoleonic wars. In 1905 the union with Sweden was dissolved and Norway was finally independent.

2015 Skald
20 x 25 cm
160 pages
ISBN 9788279592211

Photographed by: Knut Egil Wang, Helge Skodvin, Eivind H. Natvig , Chris Maluszynski, Martin von Krogh , Johan Bävman, Oddleiv Apneseth 

License the work through INSTITUTE

Book launch at the Bergen Library April 30th 8pm

Interviewed by A New Type of Imprint by Eivind H. Natvig

It was a journey. The few days of January 2015. The trunk of my car was filled with framed prints, and Chilli the dog. We drove non-stop to Oslo. From the stormy north, through Some Type of Spring in Trøndelag to blizzards of Hedmark. Destination sleet, Oslo. The adventure of entering your homes and watch you unwrap my works was indescribable. Truly humbling to have created something you want at part of your life.

A wide array of seasons, both emotional and literal. A brief appearance of Oslo and an interview by Andris Søndrol Visdal og A New Type of Imprint. We spoke for hours. Digressing and sidestepped through years on the road. A life of travel. Exploding Libya, memory loss of India, storms, desserts and mountains. The Ocean.

You can find out where to buy or just order the magazine HERE.

An Inspiring Conversation.

A True Gem - A New Type of Imprint


Lofoten International Photo Festival (LIFF) by Eivind H. Natvig

Knut Bry

Knut Bry

I´m fortunate to be on the board of Lofoten International Photo Festival. Annually we invite inspiring, interesting and talented people to share their work. We are a tiny festival located in surroundings with few distractions besides the stunning beauty of the Lofoten Archipelago.  There is little to do besides spending time with the others and wander. If weather permits there is always the mountains just behind the house, or the ocean just in front. The month of March, however, might pose a challenge or two. A forecasted storm and following a cancelled ferry forced a postponement of exhibition openings on my home island of Skrova, Thursday became Sunday.

It has been a long while since I have been more inspired than by the incredible solid projects of Justin Jin, the explorations of Damian Heinisch, contemporary Norway by Helge Skodvin and the ice cold brilliance of Ragnar Axellson to name a few.

The program is only half of it. Impromtu roadtrps and hikes with strangers transitioning to friends is just as important. I hope to see you here March 2016. New friend.


You Are Here Now reviewed by SuperMassiveBlackHole by Eivind H. Natvig

 Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig/MOMENT/INSTITUTE

The images speed by without any real sense of identity developing — at least in respect of what we have come to understand as an identity shown to us through projects similar to this one. Instead, the work takes on an incredibly surreal, dream-like quality to it.

Although it is a rather worn-out reference, there are similarities in the photographs to the films of David Lynch. Lots of things are visited only briefly, yet they resonate in the mind and have a lasting impact.


Words by James Brown, the entire text is HERE

The smell of fire. by Eivind H. Natvig

Last night I spoke with my wife on the phone and she mentioned the smell of fire. A building next to where she was burned down a few days prior and she could not find peace of mind. Searching electrical outlets for short circuits and going through the place several times before going to bed.

Libya instantly came to mind. A memory-trigger so present that just the conversation sparked flashbacks of explosions and burned out buildings. On arrival in Egypt mid-march all my possessions would hint about the past. Even now, three years on, there is one box of memories I open. One box still containing a whiff of the anger towards Gaddafis reign. Fire.

Negatives covered in ashes. Half melted, almost torn to shreds.

I step over a carpet with Moammar Gaddafis face on it. One of his teeth have been painted black. Horns drawn on his forehead. Ten thousand men is praying in front of me.  I'm on a rooftop in Benghazi, Libya early March 2011.  Rain is pouring down, delivered with a fine Sahara dust it paints the world brown as it dries. In a basement nearby I uncovered some negatives a few days earlier. Negatives of unknown content and importance. I was but a photography nerd while going through a burned out cellar. A cellar of prison cells and now ashes. Broken glass, cracked tiles and vast amounts of ashes. Binders of documentation scattered across. The anger towards the regime is present everywhere. No thought of conservation, just destruction rooted in decades of fear. In the ashes on what used to be a floor I spot something familiar. A few large format frames. I pick them up. On the ground where I'm standing there are more, some medium format and 35mm. The film is so fragile, partly melted, the ashes is still warm. I collect the little I can find. My libyan companions find something of interest in a binder, but show no interest in my childish joy of discovering a treasure. For me all old photography holds interest. Little did I know about the significance of some of these frames.

It was not until I met Susan Glen more than a year later it became really interesting. She was already curating and researching historic material out of Libya and have put down countless hours, days and weeks conducting interviews. Mapping the content of these ash-covered frames of history.

Some of these images from the pre-Gaddafi era will be presented at Oslo Museum from January 29th 2015

NOTE **Since I found these images I have always been, and will always be, ready to return them to Libya as soon as I know they will be preserved for the future - please contact me with any and all questions**

You Are Here Now // End of year print sale by Eivind H. Natvig

First and foremost I want to thank all of you who made the launch of You Are Here Now on December 5th into the night that it was. Second I want to apologize that the publisher is not able to supply books fast enough, a large batch is en route to Tronsmo and should be there shortly.

Seeing as the books are largely unavailable I have decided to extend the print sale with discounted prices until the end of 2014.  

Contact me ( for information about both prints in numbered edition and outside numbered editions.

The numbered editions won't ship until early 2015, but I'll print and ship the unlimited editions according to orders so that they still can find their way to you before Christmas.

All images printed with archival pigment ink from Epson (K3) on archival paper.

You Are Here Now reviewed by Leo Hsu - Fraction Magazine by Eivind H. Natvig

Leo Hsu has written the first review of You Are Here Now for Fraction Magazine.

Natvig has you understand that “here” is an unstable place between experience and knowledge. (.....)  You are forced off balance and the effect is unsettling, but like standing on a rocking boat, you get used to it.

Read the rest at Fraction Magazine.

Oslo launch this Friday, December 5th at 5pm.

The First Frame by Eivind H. Natvig

New camera. Nothing to it, however, a thought came to mind. First exposure could be something special. Out of the ordinary. Not just another push of the button.

A camera is a vessel for light. Through the glass, sensors or film we use, an unbelievable amount of lights pass. Some of it registers and is transfixed to whatever part of the human condition needs to be conveyed to the viewer. Stories of importance, tragedy and joy pass through. 

I want to give my new travel companion a good start. A beautiful first frame.

Three months on the road has taken it's toll and I'm tired. My breath clouding the cone of light from my head. The polar winter is here and we are but a few weeks from this years last rays of sun. The path is well known, but this particular night unusually dark with no moon and dimly lit stars. A stretch of aurora hides its northern origin behind the mountain ahead, the green hue outline the destination.  Exciting. Lofoten and aurora. The camera is in for a treat.

As the mountaintop approach the green light weaken. The last climb and the mountain does not shelter the northern wind anymore. It is cold and dark by the time my headlamp reveal the tibetan prayerflags.

I recently finished a book where I explore the elusive notion of home. The book was a game-changer and I ended up moving to this group of rocks scattered off main-land Lofoten. 

The darkness has descended and the aurora retracted. I figure that the first image is going to be of just that. Home. Not elusive anymore, but the true refuge.

The first image fails spectacularly. As does the second. And third.

I don't know when it hits, but it took a bit of work today to get this image. Not an image for the books. Not remotely iconic. However, I will remember the chase for this special moment. This attempt at beginning a new relationship with something special. And even if the sensor did not record what I saw, these moments passed through the glass. They passed through my eyes. And they shall stay with me because this image is a reminder of the idea, the effort, and a beautiful night spent outdoors.

Oslo launch - You Are Here Now - December 5th by Eivind H. Natvig

You Are Here Now could not have been made without the support of friends, family, colleagues and random strangers.  Some have become friends and some estranged, but it's still invaluable help and it's only due to your support that I can invite to the launch of You Are Here Now. I wish I could invite you to my home for this event, it would have been the right thing to do. Countless people have opened their homes, lives and refrigerators for me, but this project was a life-changer and had me relocate to a small island, Skrova, off the Lofoten archipelago. A launch here would be overly exclusive and expensive to attend. That is why I with gratitude to the Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) invite to this event at their address: 

Uranienborgveien 2 in Oslo on Friday, December 5th from 5pm.  

There will be drinks and I will give a short presentation of the project. After that the book can be purchased before we let the night run it's course. I'll bring a pen along if you would you be interested in a signed copy.

Hope to see you there.

If you are unable to attend, the book can be ordered directly from the publisher Tartaruga Press.

Upcoming events by Eivind H. Natvig

You Are Here Now is finally with the publisher and they are ready to ship out next week.  We'll be in Paris this week with the book and you can find us this Friday at the HERE Press stand at Polycopies where you can secure one of the very first copies, signed. 

On the 20th I'll be in Stavanger, Norway presenting both You Are Here Now and Come, for all is now readyIt will be at Stavanger Foto from 6pm and after I will have a book signing and perhaps even a beer. Hope to see you there.

We are working on an Oslo launch of the book as well, so please write December 5th in your calendar if you are in Oslo or the surrounding areas, it would be fantastic to celebrate all these years of work coming to an end with you.

If you can not attend any of these events or is too impatient to wait, you can pre-order the book HERE

Come, for all is now ready - exhibition opening by Eivind H. Natvig

From this Saturday at 2pm you can find "Come, for all is now ready" at the ground floor of  Perspektivet Museum in Tromsø.  There will be music, speeches and fancy guests including the parish priest Anders Rosland (seen in picture) and the minister of culture Thorhild Widvey. 

I will speak about my work at Polar Fokus Thursday from 7pm at Tromsø Kunstforening.

Hope to see you in Tromsø.