DOKFOTO / by Eivind H. Natvig

 Parish priest Anders Roslands and his boat at MÂvÊr

Photo by: Eivind H. Natvig/INSTITUTE

It's close to four years ago since I first set foot at Onøy. During the drive south, I realized that night had turned winter to spring and daylight savings had stolen an hour. This wormhole in my personal time-space continuum made me miss the ferry.

It feels like a lifetime ago I first med Anders and Kristine in the doorway, not long before Friday night would redefine itself as Saturday morning. 

Since this odd first meeting, they have become close friends. We have shared more adventures and defining moments than I have with most others. The sharp adrenaline focus of a winter storm at sea when the air taste of salt, Anders´ giggle from jumping a four meter wave with his boat. The absolute presence of the last hymn with a life coming to terms with it's ending. 

These are but a few, and when going through images last week to prepare a talk for DOKFOTO, the memories resurfaced. I have collected some of them and will share stories about the wonderful people and events of Helgeland at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on Friday February 5th.

Hope to see you there.