Time limited print sale / by Eivind H. Natvig

You Are Here Now - 2010

You Are Here Now - 2010

It’s time.

Today I´m wrapping up and packing down forty images I have spent the past weeks printing. November 8th the exhibit "Homo Religiosus" will open at Perspektivet Museum in Tromsø.

The round floor of the museum will show "Come, for all is now ready." This collection of images explore coastal religion and coastal culture in small island societies off the rugged Helgeland coast. On and off for almost three years I have travelled the ocean with the parish priest, through an area of such immense beauty that words lack the strength and nuances to convey the breathtaking scenery.

You Are Here Now. (Du Er Her No)

The book is at the verge of being ready. It has become a compilation of images from seven years of travel. Fueled by the kindness of strangers and random moments of Norway.

Just waiting for the printers to give me a date. I´m pushing for mid-october and the book in hand early November. Let me know if you would like to pre-order it. 

"Hit" ("Here")

This was a book-collaboration with poet Gro Dahle released in 2012 and have pretty much sold out. Tronsmo had a few copies last time I was there, but I think that's it. The images from the book are available in edition of 4.


To celebrate these personal mile-stones I have decided to have another time-limited print sale from the projects "You Are Here Now," "Come, for now all is ready" and "Hit"

For a larger selection of the images available go to the archive


You Are Here Now - Some options are sold out.

4/4 - 27x41cm 
4/4 - 80x120cm

1/1 - 150x225cm


Come, for all is now ready.

5/5 +2 - 27x40cm, 100x150cm, 150x225cm


Here (Hit)
5/5 + 1 - 27x40cm, 100x150cm, 150x225cm


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