Mundane Magic / by Eivind H. Natvig


Is it seven years of work or is it eight? Does it matter? Months on the road. Not months; years. Tens of thousands of euros. Design. Colors and paper. Is the edit right? Is the paper stock right? Stress.

I’m here in Denmark now. Far from everything. Not a sound. Only one coverage-dot on the phone; but not all the time. A few hectic color corrections are made. A lot of doubt. There is this one image.  An image who have proved difficult printing with both ink and chemicals. It has to work in the printing-press. This is the culmination. They ask me to start the press. My heart flicker.

All those kilometers. Of fun and exploration. Meetings with strange people and animals. New friends and a new life. A life altering project. Does it all end here in the danish country-side? The manifestation of the work. The book. Then what is next?

It is but a few times in life you are presented with the moments who feels significant. The feeling of this changes everything. When about to push a life altering button there is time for a surprisingly large variety of thoughts. I half expect the machine to blow up or at least some sort of electrocution. There is time to think “is this really it?” An anti-climax.

There is nothing special about the little square I’m about to push. No resemblance to how Hollywood portrays any button of significance. This button of dreams is just a bit worn out. Worn out from fingers of dreamers, artists and businessmen, but primarily the guys who work here everyday. How mundane it is to print a book, yet I can not beat the feeling that we are doing something magical together today.

I push the button. I want to say that nothing happens, but it does. Just no explosion or fireworks. 

It is only my book being made. 

You Are Here Now.

Thank you Gutenberg for allowing this experience.

The book will be out mid-november. I do hope you will like it.

iYou Are Here Now can be pre-ordered through tartaruga press